Coraki Riverfront Precinct

Coraki Riverfront Precinct

Council has committed $477,820 to the precinct for redevelopment and upgrade.  Planning for this project will be carried out in conjunction with community consultation to identify priority areas of need in this area.

Situated at the junction of the Richmond and Wilson rivers – hence the Aboriginal name for ‘meeting of the waters’ – Coraki lies to the west of Pacific Highway and south west of Ballina. The major access road from the Pacific Highway is from Woodburn, which is 18km from Coraki, and connects Coraki with Casino, 31km further inland.

Coraki is the tea tree capital of the region, and your go-to precinct for fishing, boating, swimming, sailing and bird watching. Its quiet charm and the genuine hospitality of the locals is a welcome bonus.

The Coraki Riverside Caravan Park and Camping Grounds, centrally located in the village right beside the river, makes for a peaceful home base when visiting the region. Many centres around the region are competing to attract people and businesses.

The successes seem to be the towns and villages which have figured out what their communities and prospective residents want, such as attractive public spaces, clean streets and tidy and well-signed town entrances.

Council has undertaken community consultation on the Coraki Riverfront Precinct at various forums, and conducted a riverfront-specific survey of Coraki residents.  Responses will be used to formulate a priority list for work to be undertaken on the riverfront.

Ideas included:

  • flora regeneration
  • walking tracks
  • bollards, pathways and interpretive signage for heritage promotion
  • BBQs, seating and boating facilities to enhance the local community’s leisure options.


  • Estimated total cost of project – $800,000
  • Committed funding – $477,820
  • $122,820 – NSW Government Boating Now Program
  • $355,000 – Richmond Valley Council
  • Funding required to complete project – $322,180

If you would like to stay at the Caravan Park please click here for further details.

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