Richmond Valley flood mapping

A base flood model has been prepared in conjunction with Richmond River County Council: Richmond Valley Flood Mapping Mp and Richmond River Flood Mapping Final Report. In addition to the base design floods, two climate change scenarios were included in the flood mapping.  These reports, available from the list at the end of the page, do not include Council’s adopted climate change scenario.

Climate Change Scenario 3 – Update flood modelling

2010 Base Design Flood Model

+ 900mm sea level rise

+ 10% increase in rainfall intensity

At the Council meeting of 15 June 2010, Council adopted Scenario 3 to apply to the 2010 base flood modelling.  Levels and velocity vectors for this scenario have been prepared for the Q20, Q50, Q100, Q500 year and PMF design floods.  The new flood levels with Climate Change 3 form the basis for future development in accordance with Council’s Floodplain Risk Management Plans.

New flood mapping, minimum habitable floor levels and hazard categories in accordance with Council’s adopted Floodplain Risk Management Plans are also available. On the upstream overlap with the downstream area of the Casino model (eg industrial estate to Queen Elizabeth Park to Showground, etc) the new 2010 model will take priority, but is subject to individual merit at the location. The Casino model is nearing completion of an update that will also include Council’s adopted Climate Change 3 scenario.

The updated information is being prepared for addition to Council’s website. Updated house floor survey tables are also being prepared. However, in the meantime, for all related enquiries, please contact Customer Service on (02) 6660 0300.

Further information

There have been a number of flood studies conducted in the Richmond Valley area.  Review the ‘Flood Information Definitions’ document in conjunction with the maps below.


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