Mayor and Councillors

Mayor and Councillors

Richmond Valley Council officially started its new four-year term at an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday 27 September 2016. Our new Council comprises Robert Mustow (Mayor), Daniel Simpson (Deputy Mayor), Sam Cornish, Robert Hayes, Sandra Humphrys, Jill Lyons, and Steve Morrissey.

Councillors welcome enquiries into issues affecting Richmond Valley residents and ratepayers. If you think a Councillor can be of assistance to you with Council matters, please do not hesitate to call or email.

The Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month in the Casino Council Chambers on Graham Place. The Council’s policy is to be inclusive; discussing issues together helps build trust and mutual respect, as well as offering the opportunity for differences to be aired directly. Those who wish to address the Council on any listed matter, or ask a question, will be able to do so by submitting a request before 9.30am on the Monday prior to the meeting. The public sessions will be conducted at the start of the meeting. A time limit of five minutes per address will apply.

Email or call 02 6660 0300.

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