Budgets & Financial Reports

Budgets & Financial Reports

Current year budget and fees & charges

Council prepares its budget in accordance with the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework.  The annual budget is contained within the Operational Plan.  The current year budget, fees and charges and long term financial plan documents are available for download below:

2018/2019 Fees and Charges
2018/2019 Operational Plan (including Financial Estimates 2018/2022)
2018/2022 Long Term Financial Plan

Quarterly Budget Review Statements

A quarterly budget review acts as a barometer of Council’s financial health during the year.  It discloses Council’s overall financial position and provides sufficient information to enable informed and transparent decision making.  It is also a means by which Councillors can ensure that Council remains on track to meet its objectives, targets and outcomes as set out in its Operational Plan.

Quarterly Budget Review Statements for the current and previous financial years are available for download below:

Quarterly Budget Review Statement 31 March 2018
Quarterly Budget Review Statement 31 December 2017
Quarterly Budget Review Statement 30 September 2017

Financial Statements

Council’s audited Financial Statements for the previous 5 financial years are available for download below:

2016/2017 Financial Statements
2015/2016 Financial Statements
2014/2015 Financial Statements
2013/2014 Financial Statements
2012/2013 Financial Statements

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